Experience Counts: Part I

2 Mar

Some of you know us and some of you may not. For those of you who do, you know that we are the type of people who constantly have ideas. Creative ways to make things work. In 2005 Brian bought a Townhouse in the greater Nashville area. It was a new construction but it still had it’s flaws. Here are a few:

  1. Cheap carpet
  2. Yucky/ugly vinyl
  3. 1990’s lighting. I am sure some contractor thought it looked nice… yeah right. It was the cheap stuff from a box store.
  4. Sink fixtures from the 1980’s. They were the chrome ones with the plastic “crystal” knobs. Blah!
  5. A back patio and window combo that created scorching prisms. Seriously, I came home to melted patio furniture fabric caused by this fascinating feature.
  6. A miss placed bar area in the kitchen that took up valuable dining are space.

So what did a fun DIY loving couple like us do about it? We fixed it!

Here is the townhouse after we re-stained the cabinets and painted most of the rooms:

Living Room 1, The Reagans Rock

Living Room 2, The Reagans Rock

Kitchen 1, The Reagans Rock

Kitchen/Dining Room, The Reagans Rock

Hall/Stairs, The Reagans Rock

Master Bedroom, The Reagans Rock

Guest Bedroom, The Reagans Rock

Sorry the images are so small. I swiped them from the listing when we had it up on the market in 2007.

Now don’t get me wrong, this style is what you will find in almost any home in the country, but it just wasn’t us. We are fresh and modern people and we had somehow pigeonholed ourselves into traditional decor. I blame this on the fact that most stores you walk into only have what the masses want and who can blame them, they are in the business of selling to what “most” people want. We aren’t “most” people! So what did we do?

First we took out all the carpet/vinyl downstairs and replaced it with a light engineered wood floor. The townhouse was on a slab so engineered was our only option if we wanted real wood. When complete it looked a like this:

Don’t you love my freshly vacuumed sofas! Ha! A bit of advice, if you have dogs, opt out of the micro suede upholstery. It’s a static generator and that + dogs = a furry seating area.

We put most of our furniture up for sale on Craigslist and took the cash we made and began modernizing by heading down to one of my favorite stores, Ikea!

In the next post I will show you what we got and how we pulled our fresh & modern style together.

Stay tuned!


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