Experience Counts: Part III, The Upstairs!

6 Apr

Okay, here is last of the photos from our beloved townhouse. Like I said in the previous post, we didn’t do a lot up here. Mostly paint and a little added trim in the bathrooms. My favorite thing we did? Ripping up the carpet and adding trim and paint to the stairs!




I was inspired by this post over on Young House Love. I kept telling Brian I wanted to take the carpet off the stairs because:

  1. The carpet was ugly
  2. The carpet was dirty
  3. It was really hard to get the carpet clean
  4. When I did get it clean it didn’t stay that way very long at all

So on Memorial day last year Brian got bored and I found him ripping up the carpet. I joined in because I was just so excited he finally decided it was time to tackle the project. What we found under that carpet wasn’t pretty. The contractor never intended for us to see the stairs naked. Each stair was a different size so Brian had to do a LOT of measuring and cutting. After many trips to Lowes for trim, glue, and caulk we finally got the stairs looking decent. I loved the idea of paining them all white but I knew that they would always be dirty. I considered a runner but then I would still have to vacuum those dang steps so in the end we decided a darker paint would be good. I love the blue we chose and I even left the edges of bottom landing white to make it look more finished. This really was my favorite project we did in the townhouse. Well, okay the stairs and the wood floors downstairs tie as my favorite!

Master Bedroom
Master bedroom 2

Master bedroom

The wall mount lamps were perfect for reading in bed and take up no space on the nightstands. Easy to dust off the night stand and there is plenty of room for my many books! The blue floral curtains are actually a king sheet set I found for $12! Score!  The shears are from Ikea. The flowers on the wall above the bed are Target. I think they may actually move to my office when we get moved in. I don’t love them over the bed but the space above the headboard did need something. I am seriously considering upholstering that headboard for the new house.

Master Bath

Master Bath2

We went with a vinyl plank floor that really looked just like wood floors. Although we hated the vinyl that came with the house, we didn’t really plan on changing the flooring. That is, until Maddux flooded the house last February. For those of you who don’t know, Maddux is our youngest dog. He is an energetic, neurotic lab mix. Last February he managed to tear up a magazine in that sink on the left and turn on the water while Brian and I were at work. The wet magazine pages clogged both the regular and safety drain causing the sink to over flow. That wouldn’t have been so bad if this bathroom was downstairs, but it’s not. It’s upstairs… over our kitchen. Needless to say the Master Bath and Kitchen were both water logged and it took a wonderful crew about 4 weeks to get everything back to normal. Since the ugly vinyl was ruined and I couldn’t find a decent tile look alike, we went with this. We even paid to have the other upstairs bath done so they matched. Since there is no natural light in this bathroom we went with a nice green color to brighten it up (it’s actually not as bright as this picture shows). We stained the medium oak vanity black and we trimmed out the builder standard mirror to give it a more custom feel. We also updated the lighting and faucets in here.

Office/Guest Room

Second Suite

This dresser keeps all my craft supplies neatly tucked away. I bought it at a used furniture store. It was cream with gold accents… Yuck! I hit it with about 10 cans of gloss white spray paint and now its one of my favorite pieces in the house. The  flowers are extras from the Master Bedroom. I found the purple knobs at Anthropologie. The art is all DIY.

Brian built this custom desk that folded out for me to use for crafts.  The linen curtains are from Ikea. The drawer units are just standard filing cabinets we bought at a big box store. I used white spay paint and added some cute wrapping paper with mod podge to make them pretty.

Office/Guest Bath

Spare Bath

We did the same things in this bath that we did in the Master Bath. It’s small so this is the best photo I could get. Hello toilet! Ha! The frame is from Ikea and for some quick art I just put some crazy fabric I had in the frame.

So that’s the end of our townhouse tour. We are moving into the Pink Monster this weekend and I am so excited. We have already been tackling a few projects and I can’t wait to share. Don’t worry! I have tons of photos so we will be able to take you on a tour and show plenty of before and afters!


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