Floor Plans

2 May

As promised here are the PM floor plans! I used Homesytler to create the plans. It’s pretty easy to use but sometimes a little finicky. First up the current floor plan:

Current Floor Plan

To see this bigger, click here.

And the future floor plan:

Future Floor Plan

To see this bigger, click here.

As you can see, there will be some major changes. Many of the places you see doorways opened up rather than the wall completely taken out are load bearing walls. We have to keep some of the walls in place to maintain support. The walls between the “ballroom” and living room are in fact load bearing so we will have to put in a support beam there. We will also be adding a closet to the Office/Bedroom that is now our current kitchen. We just haven’t decided on the details. Sadly, we are filling in the indoor pool. It is just too small to really do anything in other than stand around. We also found out from the sellers at closing that since the pool was heated and so close to the house there were previous moisture issues when it was in use. If we decided we want a pool later on, we will have it installed outside & away from the house. Obviously this is just what we have in mind now and it could change. Some people have asked what our timeline is and really it just depends. I am thinking two years but I am VERY optimistic! We won’t do any project until we have the cash in hand for it. It’s just how we roll. Our first project is getting the current kitchen in good shape so I feel like I can actually eat something prepared in it. Second project will be paining the house. Cleaning up the yard will be an ongoing project and I have a feeling the city is going to be a little annoyed with the size of our brush piles! We are working on the kitchen now so hopefully I will have some fun stuff to show you very soon. Now, wish me luck with the sandblaster because I am off to wreak some havoc on my vintage metal cabinets!


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