Not My Planned Post…

26 May

I had this great post ready to type up. I was going to show you all the progress I have made in the yard. I was going to tell you about my sweet neighbor, Mr. R. I was going to show you my war wound from Wednesday’s grape vine battle. I was going to do all of these things. I was quite excited about it. I got my happy new little camera out and ventured out back to snap some shots. You see, my old camera, the one Brian bought me for Christmas in 2006 died two weeks ago. It really was a sad day. It had spent holidays with us, vacations with us, and even captured every moment of our wedding showers and honeymoon. Granted, most of the photos we took with it were of the dogs and cat but who cares! Point is, it had really been there for us. Even when we got our iPhones and found trixy (in my best Sméagol voice) little apps like Instagram, with which I am obsessed by the way, it still stood by and captured the moments we wanted to remember forever. It was a sad day when I read in an online forum that the symptoms it had pointed to a motherboard failure.

So I sucked it up and found another inexpensive camera, this years model of the very same camera in fact , to purchase. So back to the backyard stroll to snap some progress photos. Maddux and I went outside, you know how he loves the camera, and I turned it on only to find that the lens only came out halfway. It gave me a little beeping scream and flashed Lens Error on the LCD screen. Dang, I thought. I turned it off and on, off and on. It still screamed and flashed Lens Error on the LCD screen. I brought it inside, flipped through the user manual, and found the troubleshooting chart. Bam, there it was.

Problem: Lens Error

Solution: See authorized service center.

What! I have had this thing less than two weeks AND only used it once. I looked around for my receipt only to come up empty handed. I knew I should have purchased it from Target but I didn’t. I bought it at Best Buy, who has a 14 day return policy on cameras. WHAT!!! 14 DAYS! That’s insane. Crazy. Plain ole’ dumb. So I did what any self respecting angry person would do. NO, I didn’t take it to WalMart even though they will take ANYTHING back. I played around with it. I finally got the lens to go back in by putting a little pressure on it when I turned it on. Then after a few more on and offs the lens came back out. I noticed a small bit of lint on one of the stacked rings and wiped that off. It’s been working for the last hour so I am hopeful that I don’t have any more issues. You also may find it interesting that it is recommended that you NOT store cameras with moving lenses in cases. The electrostatic properties of the camera attract lint and can cause this issue. Evidently it is quite common. Needless to say, I won’t be putting it back in a case.

So now that I have told you all about my crazy camera adventure, I will also share how I have been wasting my spare time, aka random sleepless nights. Let me introduce you to Pinterest.

The Reagans Rock, Pinterest, Screenshot

The most beautiful, inspiring website on the planet right now. Be warned, once you click that link you will be a goner. No, I’m not kidding. You will be there, browsing, for hours if not days. It’s a place where you can ‘pin’ all the beautiful and inspiring things you come across on the web. Get it, you pin things you are interested in? Pinterest, get it? Tee hee hee. When you ‘pin’ an image, you can add it to a board, aka category, and other users can ‘follow’ you boards just like you follow someone on twitter. The best part about ‘pinning’ images is that it saves the source for you! FINALLY, a easy way to keep images you love and way to find them again! I must admit, I was skeptical at first but my W101 girl, Kate, said it was a must and truly, it IS. So hop on over there when you have time to spare, request a invite, follow me and start pinning!

Click here to see my all of my boards. You’ll notice I have been on a bit of a wallpaper kick. I have plans. Big BIG plans…


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