Last Weeks Post, Only Better!

31 May

So after I finally got my camera working I stepped out and snapped a bit of what we have been up to. It was actually a blessing that the camera had a hiccup because we got even more done over the long weekend. So let me swallow the frog and show you the biggest project we have done in the yard.

The Reagans Rock, Before, After, Landscaping

Here is what our driveway looked like before we moved in. This was before I had raked up two fall seasons worth of leaves and before some of those fun limbs on the left fell onto the drive. I guess I should start at the beginning of how this change happened. About three weeks ago our neighbor, Mr. R, came over and asked me to come look at some work he had been doing. Now, in order for you to fully appreciate the project I must tell you that Mr. R is in his mid 90’s, a World War II Navy Vet, and a heck of a guy. Yes, 90’s. He credits his good health to Kentucky tabaca’ (tobacco) and manure (from the farm). Mr. R grew up on a farm and after working in the city even went back to farm some more. He has lived a long life and seen so many things. It really was a learning experience to work with him for 2.5 weeks on our project. Back to what Mr. R wanted to show me. I followed him around the mess you see above on the left and back by our decrepit fence he showed me where he had been working to clear the fence line. The previous owner, Ms. Y, wouldn’t let him clear it out. You see, he had been waiting 18 years to clear out this area. I promptly told him how good it looked and told him I would help him anytime he was working. From then on, every morning, Monday – Friday at 8 AM, Mr. R and I worked on clearing the fence and property line. We battled grape vines that literally held the tops of many of these trees in place, even after Mr. R took his chain saw to them. More sticks and dead branches than you can think of and even skinny thorned branches that were at least 20 feet long. After 2.5 weeks we finally finished. It looks amazing. See for your self.

The Reagans Rock, Before, After, Landscaping

Why hello Mr. R’s house! It’s such a great improvement and I am so thankful that Mr. R let me help him. we still have a few tree stumps to cut to the ground but man, it really makes a huge difference!

The Reagans Rock, Before, After, Landscaping

We even started fixing our gates on the fence. Maddux had been finding ways to get out so this was something that had to be fixed, and quick! I still have to add the new pickets to this side but the other gate is all done.

The Reagans Rock, Before, After, Landscaping, Cedar, Fence, Gate

Here’s what the gate looked like before. Maddux is doing his best Price Is Right model pose…

The Reagans Rock, Before, After, Landscaping, Cedar, Fence, Gate

Here is the gate after! What an improvement!!! It is even Maddux, the weasel, proof!

The Reagans Rock, Before, After, Landscaping, Fountain, Pond, Decorative

Another project we tackled was lining the waterfall on the fountain with waterproof cement. After running it the first few days once we got it working, we noticed a lot of water missing. I thought that we may have punctured the liner but I watched the water level once we turned it off and it stayed the same. We decided to investigate and noticed about a hundred hairline cracks in the waterfall area where the cold weather had taken it’s toll on the mortar. We found a waterproof cement at Lowes and decided to give it a try. Note to self: quick dry cement will make water boil when mixed. That means it’s HOT! We walked away with no burns but plenty of mosquito bites. These mosquitoes around here must be mutant because we had on bug spray and those arm bracelets and we still got eat up, at 10 AM! I am not worried about the cement looking new. Once we get the fountain working again, the dirty water will nasty up that new cement and it will look just as old as the rest.

The Reagans Rock, Before, After, Landscaping, Raised, Garden, Planter, Bed

We also build this planter bed for my herb garden. We have the materials for one more where we will plant our veggies. We are so excited about eating food we have grown ourselves! We tried a patio garden when Maddux was a pup but he shredded it all. I walked downstairs one night to a full potted geranium, sans the pot, on my living room carpet. That was the day I decided not to garden until I had a yard.

The Reagans Rock, Before, After, Landscaping, Monkey Grass

We also finally chopped down most of the monkey grass that lined the walkway. It had gotten way to high. 24 inches seems a little to long for decorative grass and it was all that was in the planters. I assume there was more there at some point but the grass killed it out. Well, now I am killing the grass out! Take that monkey grass!

The Reagans Rock, Before, After, Landscaping, Monkey Grass

All in all we had a very productive holiday weekend. We even squeezed in a visit back home to see our families.  We are still working on the kitchen and hope to have it done by the end of the year. Joking. Seriously though, it’s taking a lot longer than we expected and I have a feeling I will be spending the next few days with the sandblaster and a grinder. Yay me! Another thing on our list is to properly prop up the fence that is falling over. We have used some random 2x4s and tree limbs to prop it up in the worst places but we need a real fix. The Reagans Rock, Before, After, Landscaping, Cedar, Fence

The Reagans Rock, Before, After, Landscaping, Cedar, Fence

We have some stakes we will be driving into the ground and then attaching the fence to so hopefully we will get the leaning resolved. We really need a new fence but we are hoping we can make this one last until next spring.

So, there is last weeks post but with more! Hope you enjoyed it. Next week I will show you the paint color we have settled on for the outside. That’s the next big project on our list after we get the kitchen complete!


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