Novalis Golden Oak, You’re My Hero!

22 Jun

Henry Vinyl Tile Floor PrimerWhile the boys were working on the ceiling a few weeks ago, I went ahead and primed the kitchen walls. We finally had the flooring from Lowes, which was a bit of an issue since the person who ordered it didn’t place the order correctly and therefore they didn’t call once it was in stock, so we were ready to get rolling on it. First, Brian primed the OSB subfloor with a floor primer called Henry Bond Enhancer so that our vinyl planks would stick appropriately. This stuff is good! It makes the surface so smooth. Typically vinyl tile and OSB do not work well together but this primer helps seal in the flecks of wood allowing the tiles to stick more securely. Here’s how the kitchen looked once we were finished.

The Reagans Rock, Kitchen, Drywall, Primer, Wood, Vinyl, Tile, Plank, Golden Oak

Notice our butcher block counter tops there on the left? I can’t wait for you to see what they look like when they are oiled!

Back to the floors, I knew that I wanted to find a material that came close to matching our current original hardwood floors mainly because when you change flooring from one room to another it defines the space. I wanted our kitchen to feel as open as possible and I knew that using a similar toned flooring would help make that happen. I found a sheet vinyl at Lowes that was a wood look and was almost the exact color of our floors. It really was what I wanted. Super easy to install, easy to change out when this becomes a bedroom, and at $0.98 a square foot it fit this low budget update perfectly. The problem was the color on the roll turned out to be 4 shades lighter than the sample card. Evidently the department manager had not seen it necessary to change the sample when the new rolls arrived. I. Was. Devastated. We went to several flooring stores looking for a replacement and even contemplated painting the subfloor but since we had went with OSB it really wasn’t an option. Finally I stumbled upon Novalis Golden Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank on Lowes website and when I brought a sample home, it was almost a perfect match. It was even the same price as the vinyl sheet! Score! Here’s how it looks next to our original wood.

The Reagans Rock, Vinyl, Tile, Plank, Wood, Flooring, Golden Oak, Lowes

Pretty close, right!? This photo is much more color accurate than the one of the kitchen above. All in all, they look great and were super easy to put down. All we needed to install them was a measuring tape, utility knife, chalk line, and a speed square. Our 13 year old cousin, Tristan, and nephew, Hunter, were even able to help.

Here are The Reagan’s Top Tips for installing plank flooring:

  1. The most important thing when installing any plank style flooring is to get your first line straight and level. Measure your walls to see if they are square, 99% of the time they won’t be. Chalk a straight and level line to use as your guide.
  2. If you are starting fresh, lay the planks parallel with the longest wall in the room. This will help it feel bigger. If your goal is to make a large room feel smaller, lay the planks perpendicular to the longest wall.
  3. Stagger your seams. The floor will look more realistic if you take the time to vary the seam pattern.

I am so happy to be waking on real flooring rather than OSB!


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