Pinterest Challenge Accepted: I’m Gettin My Pins DONE

28 Jul

Okay, so just a few short days ago two of my favorite blogs, Young House Love and Bower Power, issued a project or dare I say challenge. The challenge is simple. Get up off your duff and make something you’ve pinned on Pinterest. Well, I have only pinned 321 pins onto 23 boards… I know. I am an addict. So I thought it would be a great time to get some things that need doing, D.O.N.E! The Pink Monster needs all the help she can get!

Image by Katie of Bower Power via Young House Love.

So who else is participating, you ask? Well here’s the official list and I am sure others like me will join in too!

The goal is for everyone to be finished by Tuesday, Aug 2nd, and to share their projects then with a link party. I am new to this link party bit, but I will figure it out!

So here are my projects. Yes, I said projects with an S. What can I say, I’m an over achiever. Not really. I’m just making sure at least one of them will turn out okay.

Pinterest, Challenge, Serina & Lilly Nest Pendant, Lighting, DIY, Wood, Woven


Pinterest, Challenge, Lace, eyelet, Lighting, DIY, drum, chandiler

So there you have it. I am almost finished with the second one. I ran out of fabric and have to head back to Jo Anns. I’ll be taking photos of each step and featuring each one as a DIY.

Here’s to getting things marked off my Pinning list!


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