Pinterest Challenge: The Eyelet Lace Chandelier

9 Aug

Last week I told you about the whole Pinterest Challenge that Sherry and Katie put together and this week I’m sharing my projects!

So here’s project number one. Let me refresh your memory of the inspiration I found on Pinterest.

Pinterest, Challenge, Lace, eyelet, Lighting, DIY, drum, chandelier

I love the vintage lace feel of this pendant light. It makes me so happy!

Here’s what I came up with:

Eyelet Lace Chandelier, Pinterest Challenge, DIY, Lighting

And here it is all lit up!


So what did it look like before?

Yeah… pretty ugly! The light fixture did have a glass globe but I removed that right after we moved in. It was way too late 80’s early 90’s for me and the above was an improvement but now that I have some cute eyelet lace covering it, I’m in LOVE!

Ready for the DIY? Here’s what you need:

  • Project, Eyelet Lace Chandelier, Pinterest Challenge, DIY, LightingEyelet lace, I used a combination of 4.75 inch lace and a cotton lace for the last layer
  • Glue gun & glue (not shown)
  • Wire scraps (not shown)
  • Staple gun & staples
  • White paint
  • White yarn
  • Various sized embroidery hoops

AND here are the steps!

  1. After you have gathered your materials, paint the embroidery hoops so the wood tone will not show through the thin lace.
  2. Glue your cotton lace to your embroidery hoops using the glue gun.
  3. Measure the drop you want between each hoop and cut your yarn to the right length. Remember to measure diagonally.
  4. Staple your yarn to the inside of the largest hoop. Then staple the middle of the string to the middle of the yarn. Last, you will staple the end of the yarn to the inside of the smallest hoop.
  5. Make some neat connectors out of left over wire and use screws/screw anchors to tack it into your ceiling.

Here are some of my step by step photos.

As you see in the above photo I used two separate pieces of yarn for each connection but one would be much easier to connect. I also added glue on top of the yarn and staple connection to make sure it was secure. Basically I just made a small circle out of some left over copper wire and left a tail of wire rather than cutting it off. Kind of like you would make a jump ring… I bent the circle so it would lay flush to the ceiling and stapled the ‘tail’ to the largest embroidery hoop. I then marked the position of the hole on the cieling, drilled a hole, inserted a drywall anchor, placed the wire connector circle over the drywall anchor and put in a screw. It is also important to note that my bulbs are very low wattage and the fabric is no where near the bulbs. These two factors made using the glue gun possible and keep the fixture from being a fire hazard. VERY IMPORTANT to a pyro-phobe like me!

And that’s how I made our ugly light cute!

So sorry for the post being a week late. We had a bit of a family emergency last week and I needed to be with my family. All is well and we are back to normal. We finished the backsplash in the kitchen and are hopefully going to finish painting the doors, add the crown molding, and get the wooden ‘fill in’ cabinets in place this week! We also did a bit of yard work that I really need to share. Hopefully I can get you a great update next week. Work is going to be crazy again this week so this is all you will get until next Tuesday. Have a happy week and here’s to getting more projects finished!


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