Take That You Ugly Rock Planter!

12 Sep

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you may have seen my excitement regarding a recent purchase. The best $10 we’ve ever spent in fact! Just a few short weeks ago we headed on over to Harbor Freights Labor Day sale. We were looking to purchase an air compressor that would work well for us. We mostly wanted it to run nail guns, maybe a grinder, our gravity fed spray gun, and an air hammer. After doing some research online we decided that this guy would work great for us. It had mostly good reviews and with a $20 extended warranty that allows for full replacement, we were sold.

Image via Harbor Freight

It boasts a 2 horsepower motor that puts out 4.5 SCFM @ 90 PSI, 5.5 SCFM @ 40 PSI with a 125 PSI maximum. I know for some of you that’s a lot of mumbo jumbo but here’s what you need to know about compressors. Each tool you buy requires a certain SCFM or standard cubic feet per minute. As long as your compressor can function at the levels require by the tool you are good to go! It’s got an 8 gallon tank and requires oil. That was the one thing I was worried about. Keeping an eye on the oil. I would have preferred an oiless model but those were significantly more expensive so being frugal, I decided to let that one go and to just be a better oil monitor. We got this bad boy for $99 and we’ve used it a lot. Keep reading and you’ll see why.

Here’s the tool I was bragging about. Image via Harbor Freight

This guy is a workhorse. So what is it? It’s a Super Duty Air Hammer with Chisels! I know your thinking, ‘What in the world could they be using that for?’ Well you’ve see the amount of rock we have around this place right?! Not to mention that our sidewalk is covered with slippery mosaic tile that depicts some pretty pagen imagery. We’ve got A LOT of things that this little guy will come in handy for. Let me remind you of what our the front of our house looked like before the Super Duty Air Hammer with Chisels…

Of course this is before we did a little yard clean up… Now, here’s what the front looked like when I used the air hammer for just a few short hours:

The Reagans Rock, The Pink Monster, Front of house 2011, Planter removalSee told ya! Best $10 dollars we’ve ever spent! Since it was so nice this weekend we decided to go out and finish off that brick planter. We decided that the sledge hammer was the best tool for this job and believe me our sore back and shoulders are proof. Here’s how the front of the house looks now:

You may have also noticed a few other things

  1. Maddux the camera hog is looking out the door. Seriously he gets in any photo he can!
  2. Sally, AKA the Greek Artemis statue is no longer by the porch steps. Our wonderful neighbors have a heavy duty dolly and we were able to move her to the top of the driveway until she finds a new home.
  3. We’ve also been removing the mosaic tile on the porch and I am so happy to see that the concrete slab is in good shape.

We have big BIG plans for the front of this house but if you are wondering why we decided to remove the planters then let me explain.

Fist of all, I never really liked the rock that was there. Had it been stacked field stone, for example, it would have had me at hello. However it wasn’t. The rock is what people in our area call creek stone. It has orange undertones that make finding a house color we could live with difficult. In an effort to live with it for a while we decided on a color that would be just alright.

Second, they won’t grow anything… They get absolutely no sun and no rain. Now I am a low maintenance landscaping kind of gal and watering these planters everyday in the summer is not my idea of low maintenance and bare planters is just not something I can live with.

So with all that taken into account, we decided to take them out before we paint the house.

For those of you wondering what we did with all that rock and debris…

We built a ramp and then…

We dumped it into the pool! Talk about using what you have. It would have cost us a fortune to buy the materials to fill in this pool but with all the stone and pea gravel from the front yard, we’ll have this bad boy filled in no time at all!

So here’s how the house looks from the street now:

Hello front big windows, we couldn’t see you behind all that silly rock and brick!

We’ve of course also been working on finishing up the kitchen details. I know it’s taking us a really long time to post the final product but I want you to see it all done and then I’ll do separate posts on all the projects we did to make it come together. In the meantime I have plenty to post about with everything else we have done and are doing. Oh and did I mention we decided against Valspar’s English Tea Party for the exterior now that we are getting rid of the rock?! Yep! More on that in the next post!


One Response to “Take That You Ugly Rock Planter!”

  1. greg September 12, 2011 at 4:39 pm #

    Lookin good! Poor ole Brian. Be real careful – those cheap chisels tend to be really brittle and if one of ’em breaks your eye won’t slow it down.

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