Where Have We Been?

30 Dec

Well to be honest, the answer is on our new sofa. Okay well, it’s not new because it was delivered in October. We didn’t unwrap it until the day before Thanksgiving and since we had been busting our behinds to get ready for our 40 guests, we vowed to do NOTHING house related until the new year! That’s why we’ve not been posting. Today I decided it was high time I give you the rundown on the sofa. We’re in love. It’s the most amazing thing ever!

Say hello to the Pottery Barn Grand Comfort sofa with Knife Edge Pillows in Stone.

We got it on sale for $1,279.00 + delivery & tax = $1477.30

Now considering our last sofa, Karlstad from Ikea, cost us $599 this was a bit of a splurge but I figured after having an uncomfortable sofa for 3 years we deserved it. Especially since we’ve been doing so much around the house. We need a good place to relax. Right? Well we thought so.

Since our Karlstad didn’t fit our new design plan we put it up on Craigslist and got the $350 we were asking for it. So if you take that off the price of the sofa, we got it for about $1130. Not bad for a huge comfy sofa. Oh and did I mention that it’s slipcovered just like our Karlstad?

That was one important factor when we were searching for a new sofa. It HAD to be slipcovered and machine washable. We’ve got a small zoo here with two dogs and a cat. Accidents do happen and I wanted to be sure I could just wash them right out.

Are we happy with our purchase you ask? Heck yeah! We’ve been enjoying it while playing with my birthday toy, Apple TV. We’re hung up on watching Battlestar Galactica right now. We never watched it when it was on the air and are thoroughly geeking out on it for now.  We’re constantly calling each other Silons and I find myself giggling every time they use the word ‘Frack’.

Brian and I are going to make a list of all we’ve accomplished this year and share them here.  For those of you who are still waiting to see kitchen photos, since we’ll be having people over tomorrow night my kitchen may actually be clean enough to take photos of it for you. 🙂


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