Our First Project of 2012!

23 Jan

First let’s just make note that it’s 5:43 am and I’m posting a blog. If you know us, you know we’ve got some fun plans coming up and I am so darn excited! We’ll share soon!

This little gem has been complete for 21 days now… I’m just now getting around to blogging it. Forgive me. We had company over on New Years and I got these up just before most of them arrived. You remember the bank of windows on the back of the living room right?

First, they looked like this when we moved in:
Living Room

Then they looked like this as I ripped down wallpaper:
Living Room Windows durring

Then they got primed because I couldn’t handle the ugly:

Living Room Windows durring

Finally we painted, re-trimmed everything out, and removed that silly tiled seating/junk catching area.
Living Room Windows

We even added trim to the areas in between the windows to make them feel like more of a single window unit. I liked the look but it was missing something. When I saw this post, I new just what the windows needed. Botanical art! So I headed on over to Illustratedgarden.org and downloaded my favorite images out of Köhler’s Medizinal-Pflanzen. I used Oranges, raspberries, and lemons on the first one. I did have to edit the images a bit in Photoshop so the colors were the same brightness and because a few of them were scanned in a bit rotated. You can use what ever editing software you like though. Then I just printed them out and popped them in the frames.

Living Room Window art
The second set features apples, cherries, and pears.
Living Room Window art

The frames are rustic wood 8 x 10 shadow boxes I picked up at Michaels on sale for $6.99 each. I loved the look of a display in our local Pottery Barn. Simple frames hung with chain. A set of three was over $100 and I knew it was an easy DIY. I just used a staple gun to attach the chain to the back of the frames. 10ft of chain was under $10 at Lowes. Easy art display for $52!

P.s. 10 points to Maddux for making it into two of the photos in this post… Can you find him?

P.s.s Ignore the sunroom mess. It’s not even on my radar right now. Maybe if I had something nice to look out to in the back yard, I’d be a little more concerned with getting it painted/decluttered…

P.s.s.s A little hint on my next project, it concerns this sad guy:


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