Breckenridge, CO 2012

15 Feb

The week before last, we visited Breckenridge, Co for the first time ever. It truly was one of the best vacations we’ve ever been on. I mean, it’s ties for first with our honeymoon in Turks and Caicos. It was fun, relaxing, and we learned so much from the four days we spent on the slopes.


Here’s how our week went:

Sunday: Arrived at Denver International Airport. Drove to Minute Clinic because Brian had decided that getting an ear infection on vacation would be fun… Got him all checked out and loaded down with meds and on up the mountain we went!

Once we unpacked we headed down to see the snow sculptures from the XXX Contest. We could not believe some of these sculptures! We walked down Main Street a bit and decided on dinner at the Motherload Tavern. It was delish! They had some of the craziest menu items and we really enjoyed the decor.

Monday: I felt like garbage from the major attitude change so we slept in and walked around the shops on Main Street. Dinner at our hotel then off to bed we went.

Tuesday: Up bright and early for a timeshare pitch. These things are such a crock but hey, it saved us $400 on lift tickets. You know how I love a good bargain! By the time we were done telling the sales guy no it was too late for the slopes so we headed back to the room, watched some crazy dumb movies on FX, and ate dinner in the room.

Wednesday: Up and at’em! Time to hit the slopes and see how bad we really were. Actually we stayed on the bunny hill because the last hill coming off the mountain looked like a real doozy. I practiced my heel side while Brian worked on his toe side. By the end of the day we were doing really well. We found out on the ride home that it was the worst hill on the green runs and there was actually a easy way down. I have no idea what we did for dinner?…


Thursday: Time to get back up on that mountain! We finally hit the Quicksilver lift and had a blast. The hill was great for us to learn on and I continued practicing my heel side and then transitioning to my toe side. Man those boarders on the XGames make snowboarding look so easy! Truly, it’s not. I must say that as much as it can hurt, it really is so much FUN!


Friday: More riding down green runs. Brian went up a blue run with his buddy and somehow got talked into a black run. Poor thing was so tired from the little bit of black that he had major fun falling down the blue and green run to the bottom. This smart girl stayed on the greens! Dinner with friends and I got to hold Carson, Brian’s coworkers 3 week old son. So sweet!


Saturday: Last day for us on the mountain. 😦 No worries though we made the most of it even though we were so sore from the previous days. We had a great time and even when the snow got crunchy in the afternoon, we made it fun.


Sunday: Loaded and back to Denver early. Traffic on the other side of the interstate when we were coming in was crazy bad so we knew getting on the road early was important. We even had time for an Ikea Denver visit for a few thing that would stuff in our bags. We got home at almost 11pm so needless to say we were TIRED!


It’s taken us a few days to get back into the swing of things but we’re all good now.

If you follow us on Facebook you’ve already seen photos of the almost complete kitchen. I’ll post them here next week and give you the full details.

In the meantime have fun watching us learn and me fall while snowboarding here:


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