Yard Update II, It’s a long one…

3 May

Yes, it’s 1:48 am and I’m starting a post. I can’t sleep so until my benadryl kicks in I’m going to give you an update of what’s going on with the mud pit we’re calling a yard these days. Mostly, nothing, well not really nothing but nothing major.

We’ve decided to call in the pros on this one ladies and gents. We realized that not only would it take us a ridiculous amount of time to complete the project but by the time you add up the fact we’re playing this by ea, meaning it’ll take much longer than the pros, we’ll probably end up spending almost the same amount letting someone who knows exactly what their doing handle this job.

So where did I start. Oddly enough Craigslist. I’m a firm believer that EVERY business should have a website but that’s just not how all construction businesses work, yet. Yeah I could have gone to the nationally advertised A’s list but I’m cheap meaning I’m not paying $6/month to find reviews. That’s what google’s for.

So after searching for bob cat and excavation I came up with 4 solid numbers to call. Three appears to be excavation companies and one, a guy with a bob cat. After speaking with all 4 guys I had appointments set up with all 4.

Guy #1 came Thursday night and basically spent an hour and a half reviewing everything we would need all the way down to quoting a tree removal and seeding. He was professional, thorough , and to top it off he never once said anything to imply I was a woman and didn’t know anything about the work needing to be done. Since Brian wasn’t here, that really stood out to me. Especially when I do in fact, know a lot more than the average Joe.

Guy #2 Made an appointment to show up Friday morning. He was the guy with the bob cat. His goal was to get in and out basically doing the bare minimum to keep our costs low. Being DIYers normally that would appeal to us but since we’ve already spent so much time out there… I was over the DIY and just wanted someone else to take it over. Brian agreed.

Guy #3 Called and told me he’d be by Saturday afternoon. He’d call before he came just to make sure we were home. He never called or came by.

Guy #4 Called the day he was supposed to come out for the quote and informed me that since he’d be traveling from a suburb of our town that there’d be extra transport costs and he wasn’t sure he could be competitive. AKA our project, even though it’s big to us, was too small for him. We understood.

So who did we go for? I’m sure you’ve already guessed #1 and you’re correct. This time it wasn’t about the best price, it was about what we were getting for the money. Yes, we could have gone with bob cat guy but we’d still have to spend the entire summer working to get it ready for grass.

We’re really happy so far with the company we went with. It’s locally owned and been in the same family for 2 generations. The guy has been great so far. I’ll plan on doing a full review and let you know the company name & info once we know we’re perfectly happy with how the job went down. We can’t wait to enjoy some fun this summer in our new back yard!

Here’s a few details I want to incorporate (don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest):

Click on the image for links to these fun places on my Pinterest board!

A perfect garden? Yes please! Even better, a vintage shed! A place to eat. Flaming water features (thinking about a DIY) The perfect place for all our tools. Yard Jenga, nuf said!DIY outdoor sofa, yep I got this covered.Yes we’re bringing in more rock… crushed in the mean time. We’ll paver later. Hot tub face lift. Oh and you know, get it working!


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