Yard Update III, With Review

11 Jun

Yep, it seems like my regular posting schedule has dwindled down to once a month with is just plain silly. We move thru projects so quickly sometimes it’s hard for me to keep up. If you follow us on Facebook you’ll be seeing more progress there than here.

So on to the yard update. We have GRASS. I mean a ton of grass. Especially in the back yard. The front seems to be coming in a bit slower but we’ve over seeded this weekend and it rained right on top of it so we should be seeing some more sprouts soon. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to simply push mow the yard without fear of running over a rock, throwing it into a window, and causing untold damage just cutting grass. I mowed last night and smiled the whole time. Not many people smile while mowing I venture to guess but I just makes me happy.

I promised a review on the company we went with and here it is. We used Luttrell Construction Co Inc who, as I said before, I found on Craigslist and they were:


No really, they were that good. Jamey, the owner, was on sight the entire job. He worked with his guys. He treated our yard like it was his and did the work exactly how he would do his own. I cannot gush enough about his professionalism. In an industry where you know you will be disappointed, he is a shiny gold star in my book.

We went ahead and had the front yard completed as well. We figured it would cost less to have him do the job while he was here rather than coming back in the fall for the front. The quote was less than we expected and so we just had all done at once.

Now we are doing a little work inside. We’ve:

  • Finished the spare bedroom where the ceiling fell last spring. It’s now as beautiful shade of yellow called Yellow Finch from Benjamin Moore.
  • Added lighting to the back door + sunroom. Neither of them had lights.
  • I’m almost finished reupholstering the chair I bought in December for a mere $35!
  • I’ve almost completed refinishing two awesome end tables that we will use as night stands. I found & painted them on Thursday of last week. That’s a fast project for this procrastinator.

We’ll be working on the ceiling and the back “patio” area in the next few weeks. I’m calling the area right outside the back door a patio area because eventually that’s what it will be. For now it will be crushed gravel(when we get it put in) and later we will either do stamped concrete it or install pavers.

So that’s it for now and here’s a photo dump of what we’ve been up too! Click on the images to make them bigger! PS My camera is on the fritz so these are all iPhone photos. Sorry for the poor quality. 🙂


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