3 Projects Complete!

20 Jun

Whoa! 3, three, THREE projects complete in just a few short days? First let me apologize for the quality of each of these photos. My camera, yeah the one I bought last year, is done. The lens grinds when it tries to open and I’m a little more than upset at the quality. Anyway… The chair has been a work in progress since December. You know the ugly one I found for $35 at the thrift store? Let me remind you:

With a lot of staple removing and re-stapeling it now looks like this:

re-upholstered thrift chair

See I told you these photos weren’t going to be good. Well I think you get the point. I decided not to do a DIY on upholstery because there are already so many good ones out there. Here are my tips:

  • Find a simple shape for your first project. This was my first go at it and although it turned out well, some parts were a little tricky.
  • Choose an all over pattern rather than a big bold one or stripes. Matching these up was a nightmare and I wasn’t successful at doing so in some places.
  • TAKE TONS of photos. As you take the chair apart, take photos. lots of them. This will help you remember how it goes back together. Also make notes.
  • Serge the inside of your pillow. We have dogs and everything in this house has to be washable. Serging the edges of the inside of your cushion means it won’t unravel when you go to wash it later.
  • Another pair of hands is helpful. When stapling the new fabric back on, it’s handy to have another set of hands to pull the fabric tight while you staple. Brian was awesome at this!
  • Make it yours. I hated the feet on the original chair so I swapped them out for some I found at Lowes for under $3. I still have to stain them…

That’s it! I think it always helps to try this on a piece you are okay with ruining. One you didn’t spend a lot of money on or one that doesn’t have a fond memory attached to it. That way if you mess it up, no big deal.

Next up are these FAB end tables I found at my favorite KARM thrift shop. I walked by and saw the $23 tag on each of them and swiped those tags off faster than lightning. They were MINE!

I had been hearing about Anne Sloan’s Chalk Paint for a while and these were the perfect guinea pigs.

The paint was a dream to use. I liked it so much I made my own for the bed. I’ll be doing a direct one vs the other in my next post. The color is Country Grey and I LOVE it. It’s sort of a grey/green/creamy color and it goes with everything.

And here they are all done. Well one of them anyway. I dry brushed them with a little Minwax Early American to age them a bit and sealed everything in with Minwax Wood Wax. I love the way they turned out!

Last up is the bed I built. I was bragging all over Facebook that I built it myself. Well that was the case until Brian, being so smart, had me weight test it. Um, yeah… he helped me attach the legs so normal sized people wouldn’t break the bed and then I painted it with my own DIY chalk paint. I don’t have an exact color for ya because I mixed my own with the 2 of the 20 house paint samples we have laying around.

I also used some sandpaper and Minwax Early American, dry brushed on, to age the bed frame as well. I gave it a top coat of Minwax Wood Wax and also love how it turned out. The bedding above is just what I have that fits the bed right now. It’ll have crisp white bedding and a pretty quilt my mom is finishing up as the final bedding. The other furniture pieces in there are just temporary pieces too. I’ve not really got a plan for this room yet we just knew it needed to be painted bright and it needed a bed frame.

So there you have it, three projects complete here at the Pink Monster. I can’t tell you how good it feels to finally have the mattresses off the floor and to not be staring at a unfinished chair in the living room! Let’s hope this weekend is just as productive!


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