27 Jul

Perspective noun \pər-ˈspek-tiv\ a mental view or prospect <to gain a broader perspective on the international scene — Current Biography> (source)

Sometimes we need to step back, re-evaluate, and re-prioritize. That is almost always the case when renovating on the scale that we are. A couple of Sunday’s ago Brian and I made a list of some goals for ourselves for the next 90 days. The kicker? None of them could have anything to do with the house.

We’ve spend the better part of the last year measuring ‘progress’ with the status of projects at the house. When there’s so much that needs to be done, it can be hard to remember the things that are important like family, friends, and even our health. So over the next 90 days Brain and I will be working toward our individual and couple goals.

Even thought we will continue to work on projects here at the house, we’re not going to measure our success using our project ‘to do list’ any more.

Here are mine:

  1. Wake up and start my day no later than 7am each M-TR.
  2. Walk/Run Maddux every day.
  3. Launch a new business idea by Sept 1st.
  4. Get library card and begin reading books on my book list. CHECK
  5. Make a list of current ‘Lindsey’ projects and finish them before I begin any new ones.
  6. Find a gym I like, get a membership, and begin my training program.
  7. Reach my wedding day weight by our anniversary.
  8. Plan at least two date nights a month with Brian outside of the house.
  9. Plan at least one lunch/girls night with my friends each month.

Here’s the projects I’ve started and not finished:

  1. Curtains for the new Sunroom shelves. (The last panel is in the wash right now!)
  2. Ikea BJURSTA buffet update. We need the storage but the style is just too modern. (I’m halfway thru this update.)
  3. Polly/Wax Dining Room table & benches. (I’ve got one coat on the table top but it needs at least 3 more.)

Here’s Brian’s list:

  1. Wake up at 5:30 each M-TR.
  2. Begin application process & obtain study materials for PE (Professional Engineering) exam in April.
  3. Organize the tool room & maintain the organization. (Finding tools is a nightmare right now.)
  4. Find a gym he likes and get a membership or get a home gym set up. (We don’t look for the same things in a gym so even though there’s usually a family discount, we don’t always go to the same one. He also prefers home gyms while I MUST have a great spin class.)
  5. Reach his wedding day weight by our anniversary.

Both of us want to:

  1. Have at least two backyard BBQ’s here before the weather gets too cold.
  2. Get back on a clean diet. We’ve been eating junk for a year and it’s time to get back on track. It’s crazy how good you feel when you eat clean and when you fall off the wagon it’s hard to get back on. We’ll be implementing our Sunday is Grill Day method. We cook all our protein for the work days on Sunday night, that way dinner is as easy as steaming or grilling some veggies and heating up our lean protein. This also makes packing our lunch each night easier too.

So there you have it. This is what we’ll be working toward over the next 90 days. What challenges will you give yourself over the next 90 days?


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