Unrelated To The House: My Secret Skin Weapon

4 Oct

So this post has nothing to do with the house. I just realized that some of you may want in on my little secret skin weapon. It’s just come to my attention how often I get compliments on my face after I have used this little gem. I must admit, it wasn’t my original idea. Kandee Johnson introduced me to this product in one of her videos  several years back and I still use it to this day. So what is this amazing stuff? Un-Petroleum.

Image via Beauty Banter

This is how I use it. Right before bed I use my Spa Solutions face scrubber (similar to a Clarisonic with out the big price) from Sigma Beauty. I use it with my cream face wash from Mario Badescu’s Anti Redness kit. I love this kit because my cheeks are naturally flush and sometimes I’ll get a rosacea break out but this stuff keeps mine at bay. Plus it’s great for sensitive skin like mine. Okay I should say my suddenly sensitive skin as of age 28… How does that happen by the way??? So, then rather than slathering on a night cream I just use the Un-Petroleum as my moisturizer. It’s full of all natural ingredients like coconut oil, vitamin E, and more. I only use it a few nights a week so I haven’t had any problems with break outs and I get the most compliments on my skin the day after I’ve used this. I notice that my fine lines disappear when my skin is plump with moisture and I really look refreshed.

As my skin has gotten older I’ve realized the importance of a good routine and this is one of my favorite things to do to pamper my skin at home. This stuff is also great for dry patches in the winter, chapped lips, and even itchy winter legs.

Should I share more tips like this here? I know it’s a house blog but perhaps you’d be interested in things like this?


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