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Easy Art DIY

22 Feb

In the last post I mentioned how that fresh coat of paint really had me reeling for some art for the spare bedroom. I wanted something fast, easy, and free. So I rememberd that I had some natural coffee filters laying around that didn’t work out on another project and we always have some spare wood in the tool room. All I needed to dig out was some glue. Since I was out of hot glue sticks and just grabbed up some Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue. I knew it would take longer to set up but it would do just fine.

I simply put some glue on the MDF, spread thin so it would set up fast. I put my finger in the center of the filter and used the other hand to get the filter to fold up around my hand. I then pushed my finger into the glue on the MDF. I repeated this several times for each flower. Since I was using a glue that didn’t dry instantly, I only added about 5 filters at a time to each flower then moved on to another while I waited for the glue to set up. I think I used about 75-100 filters on the whole project and it only took me a total of maybe 2 hours.

DSC_0319 copy

DSC_0316Battenburg Love
Wondering how I hung it?


First I ventured into the messiest tool room in the world…

DSC_0292I found these cool little brackets in this picture hanging kit we got from Harbor Freight ages ago…


Then I realized they didn’t work the way I thought they did so I went back to the box… and pulled out my trusty picture wire.

DSC_0297I made a mark down the back of where I wanted the picture wire to run and pre-drilled two little holes for the screws.

DSC_0300I wrapped the wire around and around the loose screw, screwed it in trapping the wire, then wrapped the wire around itself several times, gave it several staples wrapping the wire through those as well, then banged the staples down with a hammer. I may have also added a few more staples just so I could hit it a few more times…. This is very scientific and I would only use this crazy rigging method on something that you hadn’t paid a lot for… You know, just in case it falls in the middle of the night…

DSC_0308We have crazy plaster on top of sheetrock walls in the original part of the house and if you don’t pre-drill holes in, you end up with a huge and cracked hole. So now, I pre-drill. My favorite way to hang things in our walls are these Hercules hooks or Monkey Hooks from Lowes. They hold a ton of weight and only add a small pin hole to the wall! They’ve got two different sized hooks. I like the small ones the best but this big guy was all I had on hand. I’ve used all the rest!

DSC_0313You just push it right into the hole and as long as you haven’t hit a stud, it’ll go right in and be ready to hang your frame/art/mirror or whatever. Just so you know how amazing these thing are, I’ve got three yes only three holding up our HEAVY pallet spice rack in the kitchen.

DSC_0323 DSC_0325

A while back we hung a chandelier that my Mom had in her Master Bedroom and was going to yard sale last Spring. I gave it a coat of red spray paint and Brian hung it up for me. I didn’t like the globes so I’ve got to find something to go over the bulbs. I have an idea but haven’t got the stuff on hand to try it out.

That’s all for now!


Random Updates and Zero Excusess

20 Sep

So… july, July, JULY! That’s when I posted last.  So sorry for leaving you hanging people. Life got in the way. I’m sure you know how that goes. So what’s been going on you ask? Big changes. Big changes because I started a full time job August 20th. My previous job was great but I needed more hours. So rather than launching the business idea I had and waiting for it to grow, I decided to take an opportunity that came my way. I’m still learning the ropes so we’ll see where it goes.

On the house front, we’re slowly but surly getting things done. We’ve got a drywall finishing guy in this week to get the ceiling all smoothed out. We’re looking forward to getting the trim up this weekend and getting the Living Room DONE. We’ve already finished up the fireplace stucco and got the tile laid for the hearth. All that’s left is adding the mantle and grouting the tile.

This past few weekends have been spent with paint stripper and a sander. I finally have the front door almost ready for install. We’ve got the glass and just a bit more sanding and a coat of primer and it’ll be ready to install glass. Once that’s in we’ll be ready to install it in the front! I can’t wait. I also found a great product I want to share with you all. If you’re looking for a way to keep your neighbors from looking in this product may be what you need. It really REALLY mimics the look of textured glass. No, I’m serious! You can’t tell the difference. So much better than the stuff you buy in the home improvement stores.

Image via Anna White by way of  Shanty 2 Chic

I also built a desk last weekend using one of Anna White’s plans. I can’t wait to get a coat of paint on it so I can share how well it turned out!

We Have A Ceiling!

24 Jul

It’s been a few weeks since my last post and I thought I’d pop in for a little update. We have finally, yes finally got a ceiling in the living room! I never knew drywall could make me so happy. There was a lot of confusion and aggravation along the way but we did finally get the ceiling joists leveled out which made putting up the drywall panels a cinch.

So want to know how we finally got the joists level? Basically after trying to salvage the 57 year old furring strips it was decided they had to go. I should make note that none of this would have been possible without Brian’s buddy Matt, also an Electrical Engineer, who loves construction so much he flips houses in his spare time. He is a student of contracting and he knows way more about this stuff than Brian or myself. Matt arrived and I found other projects to take on that would keep me out of their way but kept me close enough I could help if needed. After about 20 minutes of discussion Brian and Matt decided the furring strips would come down and they would install 2 x 4’s along the joists level with the lowest joist in the entire room. This would create a level surface to attache the drywall to. They used a nifty laser level system Matt had brought to make marks on the wall so that they could easily move the level system around the room as needed and keep the exact same height to level the 2 x 4’s. One by one the furring strips came down and one by one the 2 x 4’s went up. It was a lot of work but in the end we have a completely level ceiling. Well okay it’s not perfect but it’s within 1/4 of an inch of being level and that’s over 530 square feet (room is 23 x 23). They did have to create a few “joists between joists” in front of the fire place and in front of the kitchen opening so that the last piece of drywall would have something to screw into. That was pretty easy to do as well. Below I’ve got a few diagrams of how the leveling looks as well as a diagram of the “joist between joist” I mentioned above.

All in all we are thrilled to have drywall and I am so thankful for Matt  helping Brian with something that just wasn’t my cup of tea!

Here’s the to do list for the living room:

  • level the ceiling
  • install can lights
  • install drywall
  • frame out skylights (one complete just need to finish the other one)
  • mud, tape, and sand ceiling
  • remove and replace baseboards (only half of the room has them and it’s not base molding, it’s window molding so that has to be redone)
  • add crown molding
  • finish stucco on fireplace
  • install lights above mantle
  • build and install mantle
  • install tile hearth
  • paint (although I love the MS Heavy Goose in the kitchen area, it’s too washed out for the living room, I think we’ll go darker)
  • install board & batton on back of fireplace wall & behind front door (we bought a ton of 1 x 4’s trying to level out the ceiling and since we had to take them down we’ve got enough to make these two boring walls pop)
  • clean & move the furniture back in

I guess it’s also important to note that we’re still working on electrical as well. One by one, room by room we’ve been removing the old 24 volt relay system that runs off relay boxes in the attic. Brian was working to separate them so that the “Ballroom” office part of the house stay on the 24 volt and the part we are living in goes to standard grounded electrical a few weeks ago. Somewhere he missed something because we’ve been living with no lights on the “Ballroom” office part of the house. Bummer. So, we’ll be working on getting that straight this weekend so that I can see in the “Ballroom” at night. You know, just in case I need a tool.

3 Projects Complete!

20 Jun

Whoa! 3, three, THREE projects complete in just a few short days? First let me apologize for the quality of each of these photos. My camera, yeah the one I bought last year, is done. The lens grinds when it tries to open and I’m a little more than upset at the quality. Anyway… The chair has been a work in progress since December. You know the ugly one I found for $35 at the thrift store? Let me remind you:

With a lot of staple removing and re-stapeling it now looks like this:

re-upholstered thrift chair

See I told you these photos weren’t going to be good. Well I think you get the point. I decided not to do a DIY on upholstery because there are already so many good ones out there. Here are my tips:

  • Find a simple shape for your first project. This was my first go at it and although it turned out well, some parts were a little tricky.
  • Choose an all over pattern rather than a big bold one or stripes. Matching these up was a nightmare and I wasn’t successful at doing so in some places.
  • TAKE TONS of photos. As you take the chair apart, take photos. lots of them. This will help you remember how it goes back together. Also make notes.
  • Serge the inside of your pillow. We have dogs and everything in this house has to be washable. Serging the edges of the inside of your cushion means it won’t unravel when you go to wash it later.
  • Another pair of hands is helpful. When stapling the new fabric back on, it’s handy to have another set of hands to pull the fabric tight while you staple. Brian was awesome at this!
  • Make it yours. I hated the feet on the original chair so I swapped them out for some I found at Lowes for under $3. I still have to stain them…

That’s it! I think it always helps to try this on a piece you are okay with ruining. One you didn’t spend a lot of money on or one that doesn’t have a fond memory attached to it. That way if you mess it up, no big deal.

Next up are these FAB end tables I found at my favorite KARM thrift shop. I walked by and saw the $23 tag on each of them and swiped those tags off faster than lightning. They were MINE!

I had been hearing about Anne Sloan’s Chalk Paint for a while and these were the perfect guinea pigs.

The paint was a dream to use. I liked it so much I made my own for the bed. I’ll be doing a direct one vs the other in my next post. The color is Country Grey and I LOVE it. It’s sort of a grey/green/creamy color and it goes with everything.

And here they are all done. Well one of them anyway. I dry brushed them with a little Minwax Early American to age them a bit and sealed everything in with Minwax Wood Wax. I love the way they turned out!

Last up is the bed I built. I was bragging all over Facebook that I built it myself. Well that was the case until Brian, being so smart, had me weight test it. Um, yeah… he helped me attach the legs so normal sized people wouldn’t break the bed and then I painted it with my own DIY chalk paint. I don’t have an exact color for ya because I mixed my own with the 2 of the 20 house paint samples we have laying around.

I also used some sandpaper and Minwax Early American, dry brushed on, to age the bed frame as well. I gave it a top coat of Minwax Wood Wax and also love how it turned out. The bedding above is just what I have that fits the bed right now. It’ll have crisp white bedding and a pretty quilt my mom is finishing up as the final bedding. The other furniture pieces in there are just temporary pieces too. I’ve not really got a plan for this room yet we just knew it needed to be painted bright and it needed a bed frame.

So there you have it, three projects complete here at the Pink Monster. I can’t tell you how good it feels to finally have the mattresses off the floor and to not be staring at a unfinished chair in the living room! Let’s hope this weekend is just as productive!

Yard Update

5 Apr

Just popping in quickly to share photos of the yard progress so far. My WONDERFUL Uncle C and his family are coming up tomorrow to help finally rip out the back yard. He’s got a piece of equipment that’s up for the job so we are excited to spend time with family and get some work done.

This is what we got done Bobcat Weekend (a couple of weekends ago):

    • Hot tub moved out of the way. We’ll be demoing the current pad this weekend and then moving it to a better location later this summer.
    • Shed taken down
    • Wall next to shed taken down
    • Rock pile in front moved into the pool

Last weekend we landscaped the front planters with two different types of boxwoods, rhododendrons, Japanese painted ferns, white astilbe, Ascot Rainbows, pink and white elephant ears, and a gardenia shrub. I can’t wait until everything starts blooming! Flip through the gallery (clicking makes the images bigger) to see everything we’ve done so far!

That’s all for now. Off to prepare for a full weekend of hard work!