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Easy Art DIY

22 Feb

In the last post I mentioned how that fresh coat of paint really had me reeling for some art for the spare bedroom. I wanted something fast, easy, and free. So I rememberd that I had some natural coffee filters laying around that didn’t work out on another project and we always have some spare wood in the tool room. All I needed to dig out was some glue. Since I was out of hot glue sticks and just grabbed up some Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue. I knew it would take longer to set up but it would do just fine.

I simply put some glue on the MDF, spread thin so it would set up fast. I put my finger in the center of the filter and used the other hand to get the filter to fold up around my hand. I then pushed my finger into the glue on the MDF. I repeated this several times for each flower. Since I was using a glue that didn’t dry instantly, I only added about 5 filters at a time to each flower then moved on to another while I waited for the glue to set up. I think I used about 75-100 filters on the whole project and it only took me a total of maybe 2 hours.

DSC_0319 copy

DSC_0316Battenburg Love
Wondering how I hung it?


First I ventured into the messiest tool room in the world…

DSC_0292I found these cool little brackets in this picture hanging kit we got from Harbor Freight ages ago…


Then I realized they didn’t work the way I thought they did so I went back to the box… and pulled out my trusty picture wire.

DSC_0297I made a mark down the back of where I wanted the picture wire to run and pre-drilled two little holes for the screws.

DSC_0300I wrapped the wire around and around the loose screw, screwed it in trapping the wire, then wrapped the wire around itself several times, gave it several staples wrapping the wire through those as well, then banged the staples down with a hammer. I may have also added a few more staples just so I could hit it a few more times…. This is very scientific and I would only use this crazy rigging method on something that you hadn’t paid a lot for… You know, just in case it falls in the middle of the night…

DSC_0308We have crazy plaster on top of sheetrock walls in the original part of the house and if you don’t pre-drill holes in, you end up with a huge and cracked hole. So now, I pre-drill. My favorite way to hang things in our walls are these Hercules hooks or Monkey Hooks from Lowes. They hold a ton of weight and only add a small pin hole to the wall! They’ve got two different sized hooks. I like the small ones the best but this big guy was all I had on hand. I’ve used all the rest!

DSC_0313You just push it right into the hole and as long as you haven’t hit a stud, it’ll go right in and be ready to hang your frame/art/mirror or whatever. Just so you know how amazing these thing are, I’ve got three yes only three holding up our HEAVY pallet spice rack in the kitchen.

DSC_0323 DSC_0325

A while back we hung a chandelier that my Mom had in her Master Bedroom and was going to yard sale last Spring. I gave it a coat of red spray paint and Brian hung it up for me. I didn’t like the globes so I’ve got to find something to go over the bulbs. I have an idea but haven’t got the stuff on hand to try it out.

That’s all for now!


Adding Warmth With Paint

21 Feb

So we’ve finally gotten back to work on the house. This past weekend we primed the hallway trim, ceiling, and walls and I got busy painting over that yucky hello yellow I painted the spare room last summer. Not sure what I was thinking… I don’t event remember the paint color name because when we were cleaning out the tool room this past fall, I got rid of the can knowing I was going to repaint. I think it may have had something to do with a bird… It doesn’t really matter. I hated the color and it had to go.

Let’s stop and chat about creamy white for a moment. I will be the first to say that I DO NOT LIKE CREAM WALLS. I like gray/grey (depending on which side of the pond you are from), white, or anything with a blueish crisp undertone. But this room needed a bit of warmth. Not so much as in yellow but the way the light comes in the room felt cold. It was painted blinding white when we moved in and I think that cold feeling was what pushed me all the way to bright yellow. I needed a color that would brighten the space and warm it up.

We ended up going with Benjamin Moore Battenberg (AF-70).

BM Battenberg AF-70

It isn’t really that creamy. It’s more of an off white with subtle undertones that warm up the space.

DSC_0329This image really doesn’t do the color justice either. It’s just enough different from the trim work to make the trim pop. Every time I pass this room I smile. It’s become a good contender for the fireplace stucco paint color. I’ll have to place a few swatches to see if it has the same feel in that space.

So here’s how the space has transformed…

Move In Guest Room Hello Yellow Guest BedroomBattenburg LoveThis is a much better representation of the color!

This paint has inspired some creativity like that little piece of art above the night stand. Next post will be about how I made and hung it!

Yard Update III, With Review

11 Jun

Yep, it seems like my regular posting schedule has dwindled down to once a month with is just plain silly. We move thru projects so quickly sometimes it’s hard for me to keep up. If you follow us on Facebook you’ll be seeing more progress there than here.

So on to the yard update. We have GRASS. I mean a ton of grass. Especially in the back yard. The front seems to be coming in a bit slower but we’ve over seeded this weekend and it rained right on top of it so we should be seeing some more sprouts soon. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to simply push mow the yard without fear of running over a rock, throwing it into a window, and causing untold damage just cutting grass. I mowed last night and smiled the whole time. Not many people smile while mowing I venture to guess but I just makes me happy.

I promised a review on the company we went with and here it is. We used Luttrell Construction Co Inc who, as I said before, I found on Craigslist and they were:


No really, they were that good. Jamey, the owner, was on sight the entire job. He worked with his guys. He treated our yard like it was his and did the work exactly how he would do his own. I cannot gush enough about his professionalism. In an industry where you know you will be disappointed, he is a shiny gold star in my book.

We went ahead and had the front yard completed as well. We figured it would cost less to have him do the job while he was here rather than coming back in the fall for the front. The quote was less than we expected and so we just had all done at once.

Now we are doing a little work inside. We’ve:

  • Finished the spare bedroom where the ceiling fell last spring. It’s now as beautiful shade of yellow called Yellow Finch from Benjamin Moore.
  • Added lighting to the back door + sunroom. Neither of them had lights.
  • I’m almost finished reupholstering the chair I bought in December for a mere $35!
  • I’ve almost completed refinishing two awesome end tables that we will use as night stands. I found & painted them on Thursday of last week. That’s a fast project for this procrastinator.

We’ll be working on the ceiling and the back “patio” area in the next few weeks. I’m calling the area right outside the back door a patio area because eventually that’s what it will be. For now it will be crushed gravel(when we get it put in) and later we will either do stamped concrete it or install pavers.

So that’s it for now and here’s a photo dump of what we’ve been up too! Click on the images to make them bigger! PS My camera is on the fritz so these are all iPhone photos. Sorry for the poor quality. 🙂

The Sky Is Falling and Bad Things Always Happen in Threes

13 Jun

That’s right. The sky ceiling was falling in the spare bedroom. You know, the one with the teal ceiling and fan?

We knew that the ceiling would need to be replaced when we bought the PM. Someone had stepped through it at some point. The cracks stretched from one corner to the other. I had noticed that the crack seemed to be getting bigger but we really weren’t to worried about it. Why you ask? Well, we had noticed these little thermostats in a few of the rooms and were told by our very knowledgeable neighbor, Mr. A, they were thermostats for radiant in ceiling heating. Basically that meant that there were coils ran through the drywall that clad the ceiling and we figured that was what held it up. We left for our daily trip to Lowes to get a few supplies for the kitchen and to exchange yet another weed eater. We haven’t been having good luck with them. I suppose it could have something to do with the fact we are surrounded by weeds and not grass. Anyway, when we got home Brian got out the weed eater for assembly and noticed that even though we bought it new, it was refurbished. So back to Lowes he went and I headed into the kitchen to sand some drywall seams. I decided to open the front door to let in some light and as I passed the hallway I glanced down it. I stopped thinking, “What the heck has the Zeus, the cat, gotten into?” I quickly realized that he had not gotten into anything. The debris in the hallway was insulation. I slowly walked down the hall, smirking to myself. I knew what had happened. I just didn’t know the extent of the damage.

The Reagans Rock, Drywall, Ceiling, Insulation

See, Zeus didn’t do that!

The Reagans Rock, Drywall, Ceiling, Insulation

Notice how even though there is tons of insulation on the floor it’s still compressed into the rafters?

The Reagans Rock, Drywall, Ceiling, Insulation

The Reagans Rock, Drywall, Ceiling, Insulation
As you can see, we were using this room as sort of a storage area for all the boxes we haven’t had a chance to open. Insulation is a nasty thing ladies and gents. It gets into every nook and cranny and man does it itch!

Needless to say, our plans of working on the kitchen last weekend were no where near executed because we were cleaning up insulation and drywall that was almost 2 inches thick. YES, I said 2 inches thick. This stuff was so heavy I couldn’t even lift a 2 x 2 ft square of it. Not only was it heavy, but we also had to use wire snips to separate it. The coils were actually wires so once a piece broke, it was still held together by wires. It only took us 3 hours to clean up the mess and since the Accord and Celica don’t haul drywall very well, arranged to borrow my Step Dad’s truck.

Saturday we headed over to Home Depot to get the 5/8ths Sheetrock my Dad recommended for ceilings and to rent a Drywall Lifter. We had a 10% off coupon and since this little project was unexpected, we needed all the savings help we could get. With a little help from my cousin, Tristan, and the nifty Drywall Lifter we had the ceiling replaced by Saturday evening. Here is the ceiling now.

The Reagans Rock, Ceiling, Drywall, Sheetrock
I think it is worth mentioning that Home Depot carries the Sheetrock brand drywall and I really think taping and mudding this is going to be a snap. Why you ask? See those indentations on the edges? Those areas are intentionally lowered to allow a space for your mud and tape and should make it easier to sand down. I really wish we had used this brand for the kitchen but I will just use flat paint to hide any minor humps or bumps. Needless to say, we will be buying Sheetrock brand for any future drywall projects we have.

Bad Things Happen in Threes

I never really believed this old wives tale but honestly this year has made me a believer.

This year’s first round of three bad things in one week:

Bad Thing 1: I had an allergic reaction to a face wash causing me to look like I had gotten a facial in a nest of no less than 300 mosquitoes and had to get my first ever cortisone shot.

Bad Thing 2: Maddux found a seam in the carpet of the apartment’s spare bedroom. He didn’t like it there so he pulled it up. He then dug up the padding to make himself a bed. There went the deposit.

Bad Thing 3: Maddux was startled by a neighbors slamming door, headbutted me, and I wound up having to get a gash in my eyelid glued back together at the ER.

Last week, we had another round of bad things.

Bad Thing 1: Grandpa G was admitted into the hospital because of major dehydration. He is finally out and feeling much better now. (Chug chug chug water people. It’s HOT out there!)

Bad Thing 2: The ceiling fell in.

Bad Thing 3: The Accord decided it needed a new radiator.

I really am hoping our luck changes because we are trending for a quarterly bad things week and I am not sure I can handle that much bad!  Happy thoughts!