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Pink No More… Well Almost

28 May

I’ve been holding out on you. Why? Well mostly because of the major pain in the you know what getting paint on this house has been. We hired a painter and he was a dud. I won’t go into great detail. Those of you who know us personally know the drama and I’m not rehashing it here. Needless to say, 8 weeks into the project there wasn’t a drip of paint on the house. So we fired him. AND we got to work. We’ve almost finished up all the prep-work. B & I are working hard to get that all done every night when he gets off work. That way we can spray on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday this weekend. We’ve got a little help from my Dad, sweet Cousin Tristan, and the Milwaukee Airless/Fine Finish Paint Sprayer  from Home Depot. Here’s how the house looks now all scraped, primed, and with a little paint on the front right side:

DSC_0118All of the big portions of primer you see on the siding had to be scraped to the bare wood. Basically the previous paint job was not done correctly and this paint was peeling off in sheets… with my hands. We used a few Harbor Freight $12 heat guns and putty knives to make the scraping go faster.  DSC_0119 DSC_0120There was quite a few pieces of the soffit and fascia that the painter replaced. We primed most of that bare wood and will be finishing up that before we paint. DSC_0121Most of the windows and doors are already taped off. We did that for the painter but he never got around to the painting part. We’ll have to tape up a few pieces that fell off and the few windows and doors that we left un-tapped.  DSC_0122 DSC_0123Notice something missing? That’s right the Hot Tub is GONE. Gave it away on Craigslist. I was so tired of it taking up our entertaining space and being an eyesore. I hope the new owners have it installed and are enjoying it!  DSC_0124 DSC_0125 DSC_0126 DSC_0127What what?! Is that paint!!!!??? Yes but this is paint that I tried to roll on… That brick was a no go! No rolling it. No way. Painting it with a brush was the only way… until we bought our little sprayer friend. Now, I know there will be some brushing paint in the brick. The sprayer is not the thing that saves that but it will make it easier and faster. Ignore that tiki torch. I was trying to keep the bugs away while painting last week. DSC_0128I love how the green of the plants works with the navy paint color. The color is Martha Stewart’s Wrought Iron. That color sounds like it would be black or dark charcoal but it’s not. It’s a dark navy.  DSC_0130Had to share this photo of our neighbors. I adore the houses on our street and their green green yards! DSC_0132Speaking of green yards… check out that rock free yard!  DSC_0140This is how happy B feels about our current painting project. Me too my love, mee too!


Finally The Kitchen Reveal!

9 Mar

And finally I have come up for air for just a few moments to pop in and share our kitchen photos! Now, it’s not completely finished but we’re close. Before I show you how it turned out, we need to remember how BAD it was.

We’ve still got a few things to do like:

  • finish the crown molding
  • patch where the florescent light used to be
  • paint the ceiling
  •  create a box for the top of the pendant lights
  • install the threshold
  • style the shelves
  • add some more decor

Here’s what we actually did do:

  • removed and replaced the counters
  • removed all the cabinets, stripped, primed, re-painted them, then reinstalled
  • created two open shelf areas under the counters, one specifically for the microwave
  • turned one of the metal cabinets that was missing it’s drawer section into a moving island for extra storage and counter space where I need it.
  • removed and replaced the old dishwasher and stove
  • removed and replaced the flooring & subfloor
  • removed & replaced all the drywall which also involved mud, tape, and lots of sanding & dust. YUCK!
  • rewired the entire kitchen
  • installed a board and batten style backsplash
  • installed 3 recessed lights
  • made 3 pendant lamps and installed them
  • installed crown molding
  • removed and replaced all the window trim
  • built a custom fridge surround in the board and batten style
  • primed and painted walls, trim, backsplash, & fridge surround
  • installed floating shelves above the sink & added jute upholstery webbing to the fronts
  • printed custom art on linen and hung it with wooden pant hangers on wooden drawer pulls

I’m sure I’m forgetting somethings in that list up there but those are the major things.

Two of my favorite things about this kitchen are in this photo. One is the Kitchen Aid mixer I’ve been dreaming of owning for years. My mom surprised me with it for this past Christmas. Second is the coffee mug rack. We found this piece of wood up in the attic when we removed the ceiling in the living room. It was a rafter that broke while they were building the house and rather than tossing it, they just left it up there. I’m so glad they did. I added the ribbon ends with the jig saw, sanded it, and sprayed it with several coats of water based poly to seal up anything yucky. I found the hooks at Lowes.

Ignore that sagging jute webbing up there… I told you we still had some things to finish up, right? I LOVE my glass canisters. I grabbed them up at the dreaded WalMart. They were inexpensive and had the look I wanted. The scoops inside came from a local restaraunt supply store. The Saltines canister is a flea market find and it’s really the whole inspiration for this kitchen.

Here’s a close up of the main base cabinet. I just love the color we chose, Beryl by Martha Stewart,  and that little ‘hood ornament’ style detail, yeah she’s the one inspired the red accents.

Here’s a close up of the pendants. We used cloth wire found at Sundial Wire, a ceramic bulb socket from Lowes, and an Edison style bulb from 1,ooobulbs.com. This photo doesn’t even come close to doing this bulb justice. For those of you NEEDING these bulbs, I found them at my local Lowes recently.

I call this the Microwave & beverage side.

Here’s another front shot.

And finally the stove & prep side. See my little island/cart to the left of the range. It’s just too cute. I made the spice rack using a pallet we found behind the local Walgreens. Yeah, that’s right. Brian went in, asked if we could have it, they thought we were crazy, and I though we’d struck gold. I sanded it down and added several coats of water based poly to seal it. I then screwed some Ikea Bygel baskets to the wood. We purchased the glass bottles at Ikea but have since found I prefer the bottles that Super Target brand Archer Farms spices are sold it. So I’ll be gradually converting over to them. I’m sure I can find a use for the others somewhere else. We used basket storage under both of the open self cabinets. It keeps all my dry goods out of the way but still within reach.

So there you have it! Our kitchen in all it’s ALMOST finished glory. We are just thrilled with the way it turned out. Who would of guessed something so nasty could turn into something so pretty?!

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