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Adding Warmth With Paint

21 Feb

So we’ve finally gotten back to work on the house. This past weekend we primed the hallway trim, ceiling, and walls and I got busy painting over that yucky hello yellow I painted the spare room last summer. Not sure what I was thinking… I don’t event remember the paint color name because when we were cleaning out the tool room this past fall, I got rid of the can knowing I was going to repaint. I think it may have had something to do with a bird… It doesn’t really matter. I hated the color and it had to go.

Let’s stop and chat about creamy white for a moment. I will be the first to say that I DO NOT LIKE CREAM WALLS. I like gray/grey (depending on which side of the pond you are from), white, or anything with a blueish crisp undertone. But this room needed a bit of warmth. Not so much as in yellow but the way the light comes in the room felt cold. It was painted blinding white when we moved in and I think that cold feeling was what pushed me all the way to bright yellow. I needed a color that would brighten the space and warm it up.

We ended up going with Benjamin Moore Battenberg (AF-70).

BM Battenberg AF-70

It isn’t really that creamy. It’s more of an off white with subtle undertones that warm up the space.

DSC_0329This image really doesn’t do the color justice either. It’s just enough different from the trim work to make the trim pop. Every time I pass this room I smile. It’s become a good contender for the fireplace stucco paint color. I’ll have to place a few swatches to see if it has the same feel in that space.

So here’s how the space has transformed…

Move In Guest Room Hello Yellow Guest BedroomBattenburg LoveThis is a much better representation of the color!

This paint has inspired some creativity like that little piece of art above the night stand. Next post will be about how I made and hung it!