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Guess What?

2 Aug

I’ve got blue paint photos to share of the house but before I do, a little announcement. Drum roll please…

Baby Reagan Final SmallYep, we’ve got a little reinforcement on the way! That means that there are several projects that have to get done around here very very soon!

  • Fence for the back yard
  • Doggie door for the pups
  • An entire Nursery to decorate!
  • Not to mention finishing up the projects we already have started!

It’s a little overwhelming but we can do it!

Ready for a few house shots? I thought so. Without further comment, The Blue Monster!

Reagan Front Yard 2 Reagan Front Yard 3 Reagan Front Yard 1 Reagan Back Yard1 Reagan Back Yard 2 Reagan Back Yard 3I included just a few yard photos as well because the grass is just so pretty! We’ve still got a few spots of pink to paint over like on each of the doors but we’ve been waiting for some nice cool days we can leave the doors open and it’s just been too rainy and hot.

So there you have it. A baby and no more pink house!!!!


Pink No More… Well Almost

28 May

I’ve been holding out on you. Why? Well mostly because of the major pain in the you know what getting paint on this house has been. We hired a painter and he was a dud. I won’t go into great detail. Those of you who know us personally know the drama and I’m not rehashing it here. Needless to say, 8 weeks into the project there wasn’t a drip of paint on the house. So we fired him. AND we got to work. We’ve almost finished up all the prep-work. B & I are working hard to get that all done every night when he gets off work. That way we can spray on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday this weekend. We’ve got a little help from my Dad, sweet Cousin Tristan, and the Milwaukee Airless/Fine Finish Paint Sprayer  from Home Depot. Here’s how the house looks now all scraped, primed, and with a little paint on the front right side:

DSC_0118All of the big portions of primer you see on the siding had to be scraped to the bare wood. Basically the previous paint job was not done correctly and this paint was peeling off in sheets… with my hands. We used a few Harbor Freight $12 heat guns and putty knives to make the scraping go faster.  DSC_0119 DSC_0120There was quite a few pieces of the soffit and fascia that the painter replaced. We primed most of that bare wood and will be finishing up that before we paint. DSC_0121Most of the windows and doors are already taped off. We did that for the painter but he never got around to the painting part. We’ll have to tape up a few pieces that fell off and the few windows and doors that we left un-tapped.  DSC_0122 DSC_0123Notice something missing? That’s right the Hot Tub is GONE. Gave it away on Craigslist. I was so tired of it taking up our entertaining space and being an eyesore. I hope the new owners have it installed and are enjoying it!  DSC_0124 DSC_0125 DSC_0126 DSC_0127What what?! Is that paint!!!!??? Yes but this is paint that I tried to roll on… That brick was a no go! No rolling it. No way. Painting it with a brush was the only way… until we bought our little sprayer friend. Now, I know there will be some brushing paint in the brick. The sprayer is not the thing that saves that but it will make it easier and faster. Ignore that tiki torch. I was trying to keep the bugs away while painting last week. DSC_0128I love how the green of the plants works with the navy paint color. The color is Martha Stewart’s Wrought Iron. That color sounds like it would be black or dark charcoal but it’s not. It’s a dark navy.  DSC_0130Had to share this photo of our neighbors. I adore the houses on our street and their green green yards! DSC_0132Speaking of green yards… check out that rock free yard!  DSC_0140This is how happy B feels about our current painting project. Me too my love, mee too!

Bye Bye Pink, Hello Mainstream Exterior Paint Color!

14 Jun

As promised, even though its late, the color we will paining the Pink Monster is… drum roll please…

Na, I think I will make you read a bit more. Just kidding!

Valspar, English Tea Party, Paint, The Reagans Rock, Exterior, Color, House, Taupe, Gray, Brown, Dark, Photoshop

Valspar English Tea Party!

So, how did we come to this conclusion? Photoshop my friends, Photoshop.

Brian and I had been going back and forth about what the paint color should be. I wanted dark, he wanted light. I wanted a solid color, he wanted to paint it two toned. So, I decided the best way for us to agree upon a color and scheme would be to actually see how it would look. I grabbed a photo of the house and with a little help with online tutorials used Photoshop to mock up the color scheme so we could play around with it.

Once we saw how the house looked in a lighter then darker color and also how it looked two toned and solid we both agreed on a dark and solid. Here’s a few mock ups we considered:

Cream House White Trim, The Reagans Rock, Photoshop, Exteror, Paint, Color, CreamHere is the final look we chose:

Dark Gray House LT Grey Trim, , The Reagans Rock, Photoshop, Exteror, Paint, Color, Gray

Obviously, it won’t be exactly this color. Photoshop was a great way for us to figure out what samples to purchase. Once we knew what we were looking for, I headed to Lowes to grab some samples. I brought them home and Brian and I decided on 4 to get as samples.

Valspar, English Tea Party, Paint, The Reagans Rock, Exterior, Color, House, Taupe, Gray, Brown, Dark, Photoshop, Martha Stewart

From left to right:

Valspar Relaxed Navy, Martha Stewart Feather Duster, Valspar Sable Evening, Martha Stewart Ground Pepper, Valspar Almost Charcoal, Martha Stewart Seal, Valspar High Speed Steel, Valspar English Tea Party

I first got samples of Valspar Relaxed Navy, Valspar Sable Evening, Valspar Almost Charcoal, and Valspar High Speed Steel. One was too blue, one too green, and the other two were just to light once I saw them in the sun. I had picked up a Martha Stewart color palette at Home Depot and selected a few of her colors to try on the second round of samples. I went to Lowes to find one more color which ended up being English Tea Party and had the paint department match the Martha Stewart colors in Valspar samples. Martha Stewart Feather Duster looked like baby poo once it dried, Martha Stewart Ground Pepper is very interesting and made it to the final two, Martha Stewart Seal is a beautiful gray but was still just a bit too light, and liked Valspar English Tea Party almost immediately.

To make sure that English Tea Party really was the one. I painted over the swatches above with Ground Pepper and English Tea Party. While I really love Ground Pepper, English Tea Party won out because it complements the rock planters so well.

So that’s how we found the perfect color to cover up the pink I so fondly describe as, “the color of dried calamine lotion.”